FAQs about WordSurv 6 and WordSurv 7

Despite the improvements from version 5 to 6, there were still some key features missing. Before writing to ask about one of these key features, please check this page and see if your answer isnít already here.

Another re-write? Are you sure Iíll like the new version of WordSurv?

WordSurv 7 will truly be faster and easier to use. First, the underlying code was completely re-written for speed and ease of use. Also, the design process has included hands-on feedback from real surveyors. These surveyors come from three different continents (North America, Europe, and Africa). Their experience shows that if you can use Microsoft Word or Excel, or similar word-processing and spreadsheet programs, WordSurv should be easy for you to use.

How do I export my data?

WordSurv 6 does not have a feature to export your transcriptions - only the gloss list and analysis can be exported. We recommend entering your data in Excel and then importing into WordSurv 6. If you already have your data in WordSurv 6 there are two ways to get it out:

  1. Wait for WordSurv 7 to be released and import into WordSurv 7, then export to CSV or Excel.
  2. Use Microsoft Access to get your data out. (Contact us for instructions)

WordSurv 7 will allow you to export your data in .csv/.xls format, with each row representing a separate gloss, and each column representing a different language variety. Synonyms will all be included in a single cell.

When I import an Excel file in WordSurv 6 I get an error...

When importing in WordSurv 6 you may get one of the following error messages:

If you have Excel installed, you may be getting this message because the data in the excel file is not arranged correctly. First, be sure to follow the guidelines which are included in the import dialog box:
Import guidelines [With comments if you choose "Entry names are in the first column"]
1) Entries and Languages group names MUST be either in the first row or the first column
2) There can be no blank rows or columns within the body of the sheet. [Actually a blank column is allowed, any columns beyond the blank column will be ignored.]
3) You may have blank cells (as long as they are note in the first row or column).
4) You may not have any extraneous data outside the body for the form columns and rows. [Don't have any material after your last row.]
5) This Excel Import only works for the first sheet in the workbook.
6) Data is imported with default names for Gloss Dictionaries and Surveys.
7) You may edit these names within WordSurv.

In addition to this there are some other steps which may help: