WordSurv 6 Current Status

Dear Potential WordSurv 6 Users,

We wanted to bring you up to date on the status of WordSurv 6 and on our plans for completion of the initial production release. Despite best intentions to complete a stable Beta before the end of this semester, we are still working with a "rough" alpha version. There are a number of reasons (but no excuses) for this, including a busier academic schedule than our two student developers (Mike and Nathan) anticipated, keeping them from putting in as much consistent work time as was needed to reach our goal. The second reason was Dr. White's inability to participate at any significant level due to some physical limitations, preventing the thorough testing needed to complete this stage.

Both of these roadblocks have been addressed, as Mike and Nathan will be working full-time starting May 30. A new team member, Ben Roller, will also be joining our team as a full-time test coordinator May 23. Art White is now working with a large-screen wide-format monitor which makes it possible for him to see with much less strain and to spend more hours examining the project's architecture and giving more "hands-on" direction to the student's development efforts. Art has also been writing and testing the code for importing studies entered as Excel spreadsheets since some survey teams have requested this as a feature that would allow them to enter and examine survey data in Excel while they waited for the production version of WordSurv 6 to become available for final analysis of their data. We plan to integrate this import feature into our first stable Beta release.

Our schedule, based on a realistic assessment of the newly available resources, is as follows:

June 29 : Beta release with Excel import (COMPASS and Phonostats are questionable)
July 29 : Beta release definitely including COMPASS and Phonostats
August 25 : WordSurv 6.0 production release

We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop this software. If you have any questions, please send them to Dr. White (arwhite@taylor.edu) and he will do his best to answer within 24 hours. We are particularly interested in obtaining surveys that have or will soon be entered in Excel in order to test our import strategy. Art would be glad to discuss format requirements for these samples. We would appreciate your prayers as we enter into this concentrated period of testing and development!


The Taylor U WordSurv 6 Development Team