Meet the WordSurv 7 developers (and helpers)

Art White Project Advisor

While completing an M.S. and Ed.D. in Biology at Christian Heritage College, Art became fascinated with programming and so completed an M.A and doctoral cognate in Computer Science. He accepted a teaching position at Taylor University in 1984, and has done a fair amount of consulting work in software development. He has been advising the WordSurv project since it began in 2001 with a prototype in a Software Engineering class.

David Colgan Student programmer

David enjoys computers and languages. He is currently taking Greek and Hebrew in order to read the Bible in its original languages. On the computer science side, he enjoys programming and learning obscure languages, such as Erlang or Haskell. He has sampled C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, Lisp, Erlang, OCaml, Haskell, Javascript, PHP, and Visual Basic in search of the best.

Eliezer, Nate, Rachel, and Jonathan Student testers

Eliezer Rodriguez Frias, Nate White, Rachel Bird, and Jonathan Schrock worked through the program carefully trying each menu item and feature in as many possible combinations as they could imagine. They are a much needed addition to the team!

Marlon Hovland Helps writer

Marlon serves with Language Software Development at SIL International. He has written training materials and user helps for WordSurv, beginning with version 4.

Zachariah Yoder Field tester

Zach is a language surveyor with Language Development Facilitators in Nigeria. He serves as the main contact for surveyors (and any other users). To contact him (and the development team) please use the Bug report/Feature request/Contact us page.