WordSurv 4

           WordSurv 4 was the first version for use in Microsoft Windows operating systems. It was developed in a joint effort by SIL and Taylor University's Dr. Art White. It was designed as a replacement for version 2.5 with modern user interface. Version 4 did not have the Phonostatistic (degree of difference) functions and COMPASS (Comparativist's Assistant) algorithm. These features were included in version 5.

           WordSurv 4 required the use of a Keyman keyboard and SIL IPA93 font to enter transcriptions and aligned renderings. It stores transcriptions as combinations of ASCII characters that were also displayed as single phonetic characters once the correct font was installed.

           The import feature is limited to WordSurv 2.5 data. Export features included exporting word lists or results data to Microsoft Excel. With WordSurv 4, data could be imported from PalmSurv into WordSurv through a multi-step process but data could not be passed from WordSurv to PalmSurv.

           Elicitation lists were added in WordSurv 4 as a list of glosses that from which word lists could be based. The idea was that a surveyor would have a list of glosses that they would want to collect transcriptions of from multiple different tribes, villages, or languages.

           WordSurv 4 permits a user to define 3 custom sorts for word lists and gloss dictionaries.