What's it like to study TU CSE?

We're so glad you asked! Our programs are designed to equip students for high-level jobs after graduation, but we also place a strong emphasis on the student experience. We're dedicated to educating and edifying the next generation of computer scientists and engineers as they progress through their classes by helping them grow in their knowledge as scholars and in their faith.

Students' Highlights

  • Exciting projects
  • Fellowship with faculty and other students
  • Options for diverse areas of interest
  • Upperclassmen excited to help
  • Gaining confidence in skills
  • Connections to potential future employers
  • Industry-standard technology
  • Student self-discovery

The core of the CSE experience isn't just academics, though we do offer a thorough education. Our faculty and staff are here because they're committed to pouring into the lives of students, both as rising professionals and as followers of Christ. Our common calling to grow together as we seek to serve God and His people is why we strive for such a high level of excellence in our work, and why we place such an emphasis on collaboration and fellowship between students and their peers, as well as with our faculty.